Mar 272011

Well today was a bit of a shock, only having had 3 replies I was really surprised to find that we had 15 of us on today’s ride! At the Bio Oil petrol station there were Siggi & Bella, Kees & Karin, Aad, Ken, Henning, Helmey, Calpe Pete, Pete the Scoot, Joseph and a friend of his John and Colin. Due to Dutch Pete and Motobel not getting the email we had to vary the route to the CV60 so we headed straight up the N332 through Oliva to Gandia. We then turned through Real de Gandia and it was great to see that all the speed humps had been removed along this stretch of road. It was lovely and warm and sunny but there was a blustery wind which blew us about a bit as we travelled along the CV60. We turned off onto the CV610 towards Benicolet but stopped to allow Dutch Pete and Motobel to catch up with us at the junction. We stopped in Llutxent for our first coffee stop. We sat outside in the sun and were pleasantly surprised to find that the coffees were only €1.

After coffee Bella decided to jump ship and road on Colin’s Valkyrie for the enxt section of the route. Colin took us on a magical mystery tour of Quatretonda but he didn’t like the look of the road that the sat nav wanted to take us on and so we did a U turn and picked up the CV612 to Beniganim and then turned onto the CV611 down through La Pobla del Duc and under the CV60 and onto Beniatjar. There we took the CV615 through Rafol de Salem to Castello de Rugat and onto the CV614 through Salem and on to Beniarres. It was nice to see the cherry blossom starting to come out and as we dropped down to Beniarres we had a fabulous view of the reservoir and with the light and the wind blowing the water the surface of the lake took on an unusual colour. In Beniarres we picked up the CV701 to Lorcha where after a trip around the little tiny roads of the village we found another bar with tables outside where we could sit in the sun. Some decided to have lunch of bocadillos and the prices were very reasonable here too only €1 for a clara so we definitely found two bars today that are worth repeat visits.

After lunch / drinks we continued along the CV701 and climbed up to the top of the mountain, the road surface was a little uneven with some break up of the surfface but everyone coped with the bits of loose gravel. At the top Dutch Pete and Motobel left us and headed for Villalonga. The rest of us turned right and headed down the narrow road and through Alpatro and onto the CV700 to head down the Vall de Galinera. We went through the Beni’s and Adsubia and stopped on the outskirts of Pego and said our goodbyes and all made our own way home from there.

Another great 115 km ride in the sun and the weather has started to warm up nicely, lets hope it stays like this now for the rest of the year.