Mar 212011

Today the sun shone for the bikers. There were 6 bikes today, Ken, Don, Pete the Scoot, Helmey & Peter J. Carl with Gordon as pillion. just caught us as we were about to leave Coop Pego.

Ken’s route went as follows: first off to the Vall de Galinera, stopping at Planes for the first coffee of the ride. There were lots of bikes on the road today, hardly surprising as the weather was ideal. The car drivers were very courteous to us which was a bonus.
The cherry blossom is just beginning and should be perfect in a week or two.
After Planes the route went through Benimarfull, Balones, Gorga, Benimassot and then a 2nd coffee stop at Tollos Piscina bar.

After some friendly ribbing, we continued to Facheca, Famorca, Castells de Castells through Benigembla, Murla & home.

Today’s route was very picturesque and taken at a pleasant leisurely pace.

MAD hope to see you all again April 10th.