Mar 132011

Sunday dawned with a bright clear blue sky just like the forecast. That meant that 8 bikes met up at Monte Pego petrol station MAD, Helmey, Ken, Carl, Pete the Scoot, Dutch Pete & Motobel, Mark and Colin. After a brief discussion it was agreed that we would only do a short run as one of the forecasts was predicting rain for the afternoon.

We headed up into Pego along the CV700 and then turned left towards Sagra and picked up the CV712 towards Val d’Ebo. The road was still damp on some of the bends and in places pebbles and small rocks had been washed down on to the road by the recent rains, this was a recurring problem throughout today’s ride. We stopped by the windmill at the top of the climb towards Val d’Ebo for Michele to have a wriggle (not a wi..le) break. She then jumped on with Colin for the run down into Val d’Ebo where we stopped at Bar L’Entra for coffee. As the tables outside at the front were in the shade we were dragged to the courtyard at the back for a bit of sunshine and warmth.

After coffee we continued up the Val d’Alcalla on the CV712 to Margarida where we stopped for another brief break. The clouds started to come over quite dark so it looked as though the forecast may have been correct for afternoon rain. We then turned onto the CV700 to head back towards Pego. We went through all the Beni’s and stopped at Bar Font in Benissiva for another drink and a chat. After we had finished we continued down through Adsubia and into Pego where we all split up and made our respective ways home. At least this week there were no sheep at the side of the road near the Forna turn off. The predicted rain didn’t come and so we made it home in the dry.

It was only a short run of about 60-70kms but it was great to get out in the sun after the wet and grotty weather of the week.

Today's route