Feb 282011
Despite the forecast 7 of us meet at Orba gas station ( MAD, June,Ken, Dutch Pete, Kees and Carl.)We started out towards Jalon intending to head for Calpe. Just before Jalon the rain started so we headed for Alelujah for a drink and to wait out the rain.
After a break and a chat to catch up we went back to the bikes to find too much rain to continue so it was home for us.
En route to Orba MAD was stopped near the Yeguada Pereto stables on the hill, to wait for a cycle race. This seemed to go on and on with many motorbike Guardia involved in the marshalling and control.Just what you want in the rain to -hang about some more.Needless to say eventually the bicycles all went past us and we continued home.
Don however wasn’t wet enough and after dropping Michele off he went to Pego for the Mediaval Market. His reasoning was that he was already wet and the bike would need cleaning anyway!!.
Surprisingly the sun came out halfway through the afternoon. Then it would have been perfect for a ride.
Oh well fingers crossed for next weekend.

Wimps according to Dutch Pete!