Feb 202011

We met up as planned at Bio Oil on the N332 in El Vergel. Today there were 8 bikes at the start : June, Calpe Pete, Ken, Aad & Mieke, Kees & Karin, Siggi and Bella, Colin and new member Henning on his Pan European. We headed off up the N332 to meet up with Dutch Pete and Motobel. After the usual boring ride up the N332 past the ‘ladies of the night’ we turned off the N332 just north of Gandia onto the CV675 and here we met Dutch Pete. We continued up the CV675 and over all the speed humps in La Drova, this stretch of road must hold the record for the number of speed humps in 800m. We continued into Barx where we stopped for coffee. Five of us ordered coffees and sat at the table outside¬† the only open bar but the others decided there weren’t enough seats outside so they would continue on to Valldigna for coffee. So 5 bikes headed off whilst the rest of us finished our coffees.¬† We then had a nice ride in the sunshine from Barx to Valldigna and the views down to the monastery as we negotiated all the hairpin bends was stunning.

We joined up in Valldigna at the usual bar opposite the monastery. Dutch Pete then lead us on to the CV 600 for the run to Xativa. This road was a nice mixture of tight bends and then long straights a real mixture of riding. The nice thing here is that all the crash barriers on the bends have the biker friendly lower barrier too. There were certainly a lot of bikes out on the route today. We stopped on the outskirts of Xativa to decide what to do from there. Opposite where we stopped was a broken down car with a very sick engine putting out loads of smoke so we didn’t stay there too long.

Colin took the lead from here and we picked up the N340 and skirted the castle and the views up the mountain to the castle walls was excellent. We continued along the N340 which was a nice flowing road with plenty of bends and straights. Colin lead us onto the CV60 back in the direction of Gandia rather than picking up the A7. Siggi and Bella left us here as they had to get home to meet friends for lunch. We turned off the CV60 onto the CV619 to Castello de Rugat and here Dutch Pete and Motobel left us to head for home. In Castello de Rugat we turned onto the CV705 which lead us up over the mountain range and to drop down towards Beniarres. The views from this road of the church in Salem and all the almond blossom were just incredible. The temperature started to drop as there were some large black clouds floating around. In Beniarres Colin followed his sat nav down a campo road which cut the corner off the road down to the reservoir. Again the views of the reservoir from this road were superb. We continued around the reservoir to Planes. After a magical mystery tour around Planes looking for a bar we settled on the one in the square at the edge of town that we have used before. Here we had more drinks and some very cheap boccadillos and picnic lunch.

After lunch we headed on to the CV700 for the run down through the Beni’s back to Pego. The route along the Vall de Galinera was just as stunning with all the Almond blossom still out. We even found 3 wayward sheep grazing along the side of the road not far from the Forna turn off. We stopped at the edge of Pego and said our good-byes and made our way to our respective homes.

A nice 150km route with some stunning scenery and great company, and the weather was kind to us. Lets hope that we have many more runs like this during the year.