Feb 062011

Today the weather was as forecast nice and sunny. We met at Orba Petrol Station at 10.30. There were 11 bikes MAD, Nobby, June, Ken, Carl, Dutch Pete & Motobel, Pete the Scoot, Helmey, Robin & Helen, Kees and Colin. We decided to follow Colin’s suggested route.

We headed from Orba through to Parcent and then up the Coll de Ratas. The Sunday drivers were out in force and we got stuck behind a couple of slow ones on our climb up Coll de Ratas. We dropped down the other side and then went through Tarbena with the intention of stopping for coffee at the bar just out side Tarbena (Venta Fugerila?) but again it was shut. How the owner makes any money I’ll never know this is about the 10th time we have intended stopping there and it has never been open. We headed on towards Callosa and stopped at the bar in Bolulla, confusion reigned here as another group of bikers were leaving just as we arrived. We sat outside had coffee and caught up with everyone’s recent events. When it was time to leave Nobby, MAD and Pete the Scoot decided to return to Tarbena and then loop back home through Castell de Castells.

The rest of us continued to Callosa and then turned right towards Guadalest on the CV70. There were lots of bikes out as it was such a nice day as well as the dawdling Sunday drivers. We went past the castle in Guadalest and on through Confrides. The three bars in Confrides were full of bikers, there must have been 20-30 bikes in total parked in Confrides. We continued on along the CV70 and were surprised to see a fair bit of snow on top of Aitana. We turned off the CV70 towards Gorga where we stopped for coffee. We said our goodbyes to Robin and Helen here. They are returning to the UK and Robin will be back in April and Helen in September. Here’s hoping that their new life in the UK is all that they hope it will be.

When we left the bar Robin and Helen headed home towards Planes and the rest of us went through Quatretondeta, Facheca and on to Castell de Castells. Here we turned onto the CV720 heading back towards Orba. In Benigembla Kees turned off towards Parcent and the final few of us headed back to Orba Petrol Station where we stopped and said our goodbyes. After that everyone made their own way home.

Another great day in the sun but it was still cold in the shade. Lets hope that this is the start of spring and plenty of safe riding.